The most popular place in Limassol is back with a total new look and menu!
The new chic design balances azure accents of Thai silk wallpaper and soft sofas with a floor of mocha marble and latte coloured furniture.
The Colors Café has always been known for its delicious cakes but the new menu offers everyone pure pleasure! The menu includes innovative cocktails, fine wines, ice cream, croissants, salads, sandwiches, home baked fresh breads and more.

A new gallery of signature cakes is added to the menu but of course the most popular old favourites are kept as well.  Tip: Next time you will be at the Colors Cafe do not miss the new fruit tart, with vanilla crunchy crust filled with fresh cream, scented with Kirsch, fresh raspberries and topped with edible gold leaf.

The artisan method employed in the new kitchens extends to the new line of croissants, salads, sandwiches and breads. The cream cheese and blackcurrant croissant has the crunchiness of the light pastry and the deep aromas of forest fruit and butter, while the Kouglof brioche is made in the classic savarin mould, with a cream center suffused with raisins, hazelnuts, Chantilly and vanilla bean.

Also, now at the Colors Cafe our guests can enjoy a full range of homemade bread. Exclusive to Colors and not found anywhere else in Cyprus are the chia superfood loaf, the corn and oat loaves, which are served in closed or open sandwiches and are extremely popular as part of the take- away menu.

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