The Four Seasons Hotel in association with the INTERNATIONAL CENTER OF WINE & GASTRONOMY (ICWAG, Moscow, Russia, are organising the 1st Russian Gastronomy Week in Cyprus to be held from 13th – 17th November 2017.

The Russian Gastronomy Week will be held under the auspices of the Russian Ambassador in Cyprus at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Mr. Leonid Gelibterman, president of the INTERNATIONAL CENTER OF WINE & GASTRONOMY and at the same time Vice President of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers in Russia has invited chefs from 5 various regions of Russia to prepare 4 regional cuisine dinners and one Gala dinner.

Master classes will also be organised by the ICWAG (The Mysteries of the Kremlin Cuisine on 14th November/ Russian Vodkas and Distillates on 15th November/The Culinary Summit Russia-Cyprus on 16th November/Culinary Master class for children by Russian Chef on 17th November).

The Regional Cuisine dinners will be held from 13th to 16th November and the Gala dinner on 17th November 2017. Price for the regional cuisine dinners is € 65.00 per person and for the Gala dinner € 80.00 per person. Prices include all applicable taxes.

13th November – Krasnodar Region (South of Russia) – menu prepared by Mr Andrey Matyukha
14th November – Vladimir Region (Central part of Russia) – menu prepared by Mr Artem Loginov
15th November – The city of Yaroslavl (Central part of Russia) – menu prepared by Mr Alexander Sakharov
16th November – The city of Ulan-Ude (Buryat Republic, Siberia) – menu prepared by Mr Vladimir Belous

17th November – the team of Russian Chefs: Mr Andrey Matyukha (Krasnodar Region), Mr Artem Loginov (Vladimir Region), Mr Alexander Sakharov (The city of Yaroslavl), Mr Vladimir Belous (Buryat Republic, Siberia), Mr Anton Salnikov (the city of Moscow).

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For more information and reservations please call 25 858000 extension 8.