A delicious chocolate cake recipe by our awarded pastry chef Demetri Hadjiyianni


400 gr butter
150 gr milk
180 gr chocolate semisweet
300 gr almond paste
300 gr sugar
500 gr eggs
450 gr flour
12 gr baking powder
100 gr cocoa powder
150 gr roasted hazelnuts
150 gr gianduja in cubes


-Warm the milk and add the semisweet chocolate.
-Cool and mix it with the soften butter using a whisk.
-Homogenize the almond paste, with sugar.
-Whisk the eggs using the mixer on medium speed with the almond paste mixture. When the mixture is frothy, add the chocolate mixture.
-Then add the flour, the cocoa powder, the baking powder, the ground roasted hazelnuts and the gianduja cubes.
-Pour the mixture into a greased cake mold, and bake for approximately 35 -40 minutes at 180 c.